Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2), 19-21 November 2014

Civil society

The ICN2 Civil Society Organizations Liaison Group was set up to coordinate inputs from civil society and to serve as main interlocutor of the two agencies in arranging the engagement of civil society in the ICN2 process.

The purpose of the ICN2 CS Liaison Group was to facilitate efficient and effective communication between a large group of interested parties currently working together. The group members were not responsible to make decisions themselves, but to facilitate communication and work to move the process forward with a positive and propositional style that aimed to focus on positive engagement, despite the challenges.

Please get in contact directly with the ICN2 CSO Liaison Group at the following email addresses:

  1. Flavio Valente (FIAN) [email protected] and Samuel Hauesntein Swan (ACF)[email protected] , contact points for the FAO ICN2 Secretariat.
  2. Lida Lhotska(IBFAN) [email protected] and Christine Campeau (EAA)[email protected], contact points for the WHO ICN2 Secretariat.

Civil Society Event (17-18 November 2014)

This Event gave civil society organizations working on food and nutrition related issues the opportunity to: evaluate the ICN2 process and outcome documents (Rome Declaration on Nutrition and Framework for Action); discuss and agree on a statement to be read in the Plenary of the Conference; select the Spokespersons to present the statement and to participate in the Conference; and to discuss mechanisms to follow up on ICN2 decisions, contributing to its accountability.