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About IFRM

  • The International Feed Regulators Meetings (IFRM) organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the  International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF provide an opportunity for feed regulators and industry professionals from across the globe to exchange ideas  and information, address together the common challenges  and discuss concrete proposal to  provide safe feed and food in a sustainable manner around the world. Participation in the IFRMs is by invitation only and should you be interested in joining next meeting please contact [email protected]


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Feed regulators and industry from around the world discuss critical issues with FAO and IFIF


The 8th Annual International Feed Regulators Meeting (IFRM) organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) brought together a record number of feed industry representatives and government officials from around the world to discuss critical issues facing the feed sector with IFIF and the FAO.

“I am delighted that all world regions and key regulatory bodies were represented at the 8th IFRM and that this meeting yet again proved an important opportunity for the global feed industry and feed regulators to discuss key issues for the feed and food chain, such as feed safety management, product registration and capacity development for feed safety to implement the Codex Alimentarius requirements,” said Mario Sergio Cutait, IFIF Chairman. Mr. Cutait added “This dialogue is an important example of the private sector collaborating with the FAO and regulators from around the world and we believe that only by working together can we continue to ensure feed and food safety, while meeting the global demands for food sustainably.”

“The success of this meeting is a proof that FAO efforts to facilitating dialogue between the public and private sector are worthwhile,” said Daniela Battaglia, Livestock Development Officer at the Animal Production and Health Division of the FAO. Ms. Battaglia added “Feed operators can valuably contribute to make the livestock and food sectors more responsible and sustainable and to achieve other important goals such as food security, public health, and animal health and welfare. The IFRM is an important opportunity to exchange ideas among stakeholders from around the world and to coordinate our efforts towards common goals.”

Topics discussed at the 8th IFRM included:


  • feed legislations in several countries (e.g. South Africa, Australia and Latin American ones);
  • feed related work in the Codex Alimentarius and how an active participation of the feed sectors specialists would be beneficial;
  • capacity development needs addressed by the new FAO Multi-stakeholder Partnership Programme for Feed Safety; and
  • antimicrobial resistance, as an important, interdisciplinary issue, and how animal nutrition and feeding strategies are key components to control and minimize it e .g. through feed processing and the use of feed additives to replace antimicrobials.

Meeting participants also draw attention on the need to raise the awareness of policy makers and donors on feed safety and to promote it in the governmental and development agendas; and on the potential feed and food safety risk of re-introducing food waste in the animal feed chain.