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covers of the LEAP guidelines for public review


You can manage what you can measure

Environmental assessment tools in support of decision making for transition to more sustainable feed and livestock supply chains

The Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance (LEAP) Partnership released the Version 1 environmental assessment guidelines on feed, poultry, and small ruminant supply chains.


These guidelines were developed by more than 30 leading experts from all continents, reviewed by a pool of external experts first, and made available for public peer review later. The revised guidelines were recently made available online and announced during the second plenary meeting of the LEAP Partnership (held in April 2015).


A new public review period just started. Have your say in the LEAP Partnership!


Three additional guidelines were developed as tools for indisputable steps towards environmental improvement.


The extensive discussions led by the 42 leading experts of the two technical advisory groups formed in early 2014 resulted in a new draft technical guidance document on the environmental assessment of large ruminant supply chains, and in draft principles for the assessment of livestock impacts on biodiversity. Along with the draft principles, a background document providing an overview of biodiversity assessment methods has been issued.


It was also launched for public review a set of methodological notes illustrating the scope of current LEAP lifecycle assessment guidelines, their complementarity with consequential approaches, and a new impact assessment framework. All interested parties can have a say and participate to the 2015 LEAP public review until 15 September 2015. Comments can be provided through a form to be filled in and submitted to [email protected]. Suggestions for changes sent without clear justification and alternative proposal(s), may not be addressed in the LEAP products concerned.