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Governments recognise successful partnership with private sector and civil society


At an outreach event organised by the LEAP Partnership at FAO Headquarters in Rome, stakeholders recognised a three-year successful collaboration in developing harmonised methods, guidelines and tools aimed at improving the environmental performance of the livestock sector.


Believed to be the first partnership of its kind, LEAP was created to build global consensus on science-based methodology, indicators and databases for understanding the environmental performance of livestock supply chains in order to shape evidence-based policy measures and business strategies.


Welcoming FAO member states, private sector and civil society delegates, the Director of FAO’s Animal production and Health Division, Mr. Berhe Tekola, commended stakeholders for the achievements as well as their support and commitment towards to the Partnership and sustainability of the sector.


Taking stock of the first phase, Mr. Paul McKiernan, delegate from Ireland and current Chair of the LEAP Partnership addressing delegates, presented the achievements of the Partnership noting that “work on agricultural sustainability requires collaboration between stakeholders including farmers, scientists, policy makers or industry. It also requires collaboration between countries and continents. For this reason, Ireland was one of the founding members of LEAP, because this collaboration was at the heart of the LEAP initiative.”  


At the event, the LEAP Partnership presented its business case for next three-years designed to expand on work undertaken in the first phase of the project. The new three-year programme will focus on developing guidance on additional environmental issues such as water footprinting, nutrient use efficiency, biodiversity, grassland carbon storage and feed additives. This will deliver a coherent and full set of environmental performance indicators that will support a fair and sound environmental assessment of livestock supply chains.  


The event was also organised with the aim of expanding the current membership of the Partnership.  Mr. McKiernan underlined that “Ireland has no hesitation in recommending to other countries to join LEAP, and to nominate their scientists or stakeholders to the Technical Advisory Group, in order to be part of the process of setting global standards.” 


Current members of the partnership, also reiterated their commitment and continued support to the FAO partnership.

“FAO looks forward to the continuation of the LEAP Partnership which is an outstanding example of a collaboration that positively impacts on the sustainability of the sector.” added Mr. Tekola.


About the LEAP Partnership

The Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance (LEAP) Partnership develops recognised sector specific guidelines to assess environment performance of livestock supply chains. LEAP is a first-of-its-kind, multi-stakeholder partnership of Governments, Private Sectors, NGOs and CSOs, and other stakeholders. Guiding principles of the LEAP partnership include: global, inclusive, consensus, transparency, scientific, comprehensive, continuous improvement and adoption. The LEAP Partnership Secretariat is hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in view of its global mandate and within the Partnership plays a coordination and facilitation role.