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Farmer pouring collected milk in jars ©FAO/Giampiero Diana


An FAO Ration Formulation Tool for Dairy Cows Released

Meeting the nutrient requirements of dairy animals using a balanced diet is vital for enhancing animal production, health and welfare, and farm profitability; and for reducing adverse effects of livestock rearing to the environment.

Feeding of a nutritionally imbalanced ration which contains proteins, energy, minerals and vitamins either in excess or shortage relative to the nutrient requirements of the animals is one of the major reasons for the decreased milk yields, increased proportion of feed nutrients (carbon, nitrogen and minerals) release into the environment and being a source of pollution if not managed properly, and decreased transfer of feed nutrients to animal body and animal products.

This FAO Ration Formulation Tool will assist extension and development workers and progressive farmers in preparing the least cost balanced ration for dairy cows. It has been specifically designed for technicians looking for a simple and easy to use formulation tool. According to Harinder Makkar, who coordinated the development of this tool, “it has been pilot tested in four countries: Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand and Myanmar”. Four webinars have also been organized to train extension workers on its operation. These were in English, French and Spanish languages. The inputs received from webinar participants and those who participated in the pilot testing have been incorporated in the tool. “It took two years for its development”, according to Harinder Makkar. Thanks are due to all those who provided suggestions for its improvement.

In addition to the software, the package contains user and administrative manuals, a presentation that will take you through the software step-by-step, and a training webinar. The software and the related documents are available in three languages: English, French and Spanish.


These can be downloaded from: http://www.feedipedia.org/node/23164