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Sector analysis

In order to provide Member countries and other interested stakeholders with a better understanding of the driving forces, consequences and potential responses to the developments of the livestock sector, FAO’s Animal Production and Health Division (AGA) carries out regular retro- and prospective livestock sector assessments and develops strategies and policies for mitigating negative and enhancing positive impacts of livestock production.


AGA monitors regional and global livestock sector trends, paying particular attention to the public goods that may be affected, such as the sustainability of the environment endangered by degradation and deforestation, the loss of animal genetic diversity, producer welfare threatened by ongoing marginalization of smallholders, or veterinary public health which may be at risk by uncontrolled livestock sector growth and extending food chains.


In formulating strategies and related policy options for socially desirable livestock sector development AGA takes into account the total costs and benefits of different forms of livestock production as well as their distribution, once all externalities are considered. AGA furthermore develops tools for livestock policy analysis and methodologies for policy formulation designed to assist policy makers to direct the livestock sector towards attaining multiple, at times conflicting, development objectives.


For its prospective livestock sector studies, AGA collaborates closely with FAO’s Global Perspective Studies Unit in the Economics and Social Department.