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Lumpy Skin Disease – Vaccination

7 April 2015 ::: Webinar

Following the outbreaks of Lumpy Skin Disease in countries of the Middle East and the continuous westward spread of disease, FAO and EuFMD were asked to assist those countries most at risk and it was convened to organize a first online meeting focused on LSD epidemiology and possible control strategies with particular reference to effective vaccination.

The online meeting took place on the 7th April 2015 and was facilitated by Dr Eran Raizman (FAO) and Dr Kees Van Maanen (EuFMD). Participants were from Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Cyprus, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Azerbaijan, Iran, and Iraq.

Technical presentations on disease epidemiology and vaccines as well as other items for sharing experience on control strategies were presented followed by an open discussion.

The full recording of the webinar can be accessed online and it will take few minutes to connect, please wait while the screen reads “connecting”.

List of presentations

  1. Overview of recent epidemiology and vaccination against LSD and current issues
    Eeva Tuppurainen (PDF - 816 kb)
  2. Managing LSD outbreak by the Israeli VS 2012 - 2013
    Nadav Galon (PDF - 4.4 mb)
  3. Comparison of the effectiveness of Neethling LSD and 10XRM65 sheeppox attenuated vaccines - The results of a randomised controlled field study
    Eyal Klement (PDF - 1.5 mb)
  4. Jordanian experiences with LSD control/vaccination
    Sameeh Abutarbush (PDF - 3.7 mb)
  5. Interrupting LSD virus transmission: Role of vaccines and the evaluation of control programmes
    Nick Lyons (PDF - 512 kb)
  6. Update from participants involved in vaccination programs (field or laboratory activities) Recent mission to Turkey and recommendations
    Kris de Clercq/Fabrizio Rosso (PDF - 366 kb)

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