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There are four main components of EMPRES:

Early Warning: identified as all disease initiatives based predominantly on epidemiological surveillance, which would lead to improved awareness and knowledge of the distribution of disease or infection and which might permit forecasting the further evolution of an outbreak.

Early Reaction: identified as all actions that would be targeted at rapid and effective containment of, and leading to, the elimination of a disease outbreak, thus preventing it from turning into a serious epidemic. This includes contingency planning and emergency preparedness.

Co-ordination: involves either co-ordination of global eradication of an identified animal disease such as rinderpest e.g. through the Global Rinderpest Eradication Programme, or encouraging regional initiatives for eradication of a given transboundary disease.

Enabling Research: identified as prime element of EMPRES to emphasize the collaboration between FAO and scientific centres of excellence in directing research efforts towards problem solving.


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