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OFFLU technical meeting: Developing guidance on vaccines and vaccination against HPAI from lessons learned

4-6 December 2013 ::: Beijing, China

Brief description

OIE-FAO Network of expertise on animal influenza (OFFLU) will host this meeting to serve as a platform to discuss the experiences gained and lessons learned from various countries in the vaccination field and to address specific topics on vaccine usage.


  • Develop guidance from lessons learned for the proper selection
  • Use and delivery of vaccines towards control of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI)
  • Build consensus among experts in avian influenza from government, academia and international organizations
  • Incorporate views of poultry producers and vaccine manufacturers


The meeting will be interactive, with brainstorming sessions and minimal amount of scientific presentation.

Topic areas

  1. Current goals and status of HPAI control, and the role of vaccines/vaccination in success and failure of HPAI control and eradication, including lessons learned
  2. Vaccines of today and products needed for the short-, intermediate- and long-term future
  3. Process for identification of variant viruses, and methods to select and/or develop efficacious vaccine seed strains
  4. The decision process for mass national vaccination campaigns or a more targeted approach to vaccination for individual countries, regions and/or production systems
  5. Overcoming challenges in field application to maximize coverage and achieve population immunity in at-risk poultry population, including public-private partnerships
  6. Serological monitoring to assess field coverage and individual bird protection
  7. Surveillance to assess the effectiveness of disease and virus infection prevention
  8. Determining the cost and logistic resources needed for an effective vaccination campaign, and identifying the source of funding
  9. Evaluation of OFFLU Vaccination Handbook and FAO Vaccination Decision Tool


  • Vaccinating countries against HPAI (e.g. China, Egypt, Mexico, Viet Nam)
  • International influenza experts (OIE/FAO Reference Centres)
  • Representatives of poultry production companies
  • Representative of International Federation for Animal Health (IFAH)
  • the OFFLU network (FAO and OIE laboratory experts, epidemiologists)
  • OIE and FAO staff


4–6 December


Beijing Friendship Hotel, Beijing, China



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