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Electronic Consultation on

Role, impact and welfare of working (transport and traction) animals

1 – 28 February 2011

FAO and the Brooke organized this e-consultation between 1 and 28 February 2011 in order to gather evidence on the role and impact of working animals in livelihoods (food security, poverty alleviation, income generation, access to services gender equity, etc.) and identify necessary actions to raise their profile in agricultural and rural development programmes, as well as to improve their welfare. Participants contributed information, data and ideas to prepare background documents for a technical meeting which will be held by FAO jointly with the Brooke from 13 to 17 June 2011.

The e-consultation provided an opportunity for researchers, development workers, national and local authorities and the international community at large with an interest in working animals and their welfare, to share their knowledge and experiences. In total, 156 subscribers from 52 countries joined the e-consultation.

The following aspects were addressed:

  1. Current state of knowledge on the contribution of working animals to livelihoods (food security, poverty alleviation, income generation, access to services, gender equity, etc.) worldwide;
  2. Existing standards and guidelines, case studies and best practices addressing working animals health and welfare; and
  3. Adequate policies and legislation; actions necessary at national and international level.

Should you wish to further contribute with pertinent documents and information, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

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