AGRIS Network

The AGRIS Network is a community of organizations who collect and contribute with information about food and agricultural literature and participate in knowledge sharing activities.

The AGRIS Network is currently composed of the two elements:

Country hubs, formerly known as National AGRIS Centres, are organizations that act as focal points for AGRIS at country or regional level. The tasks undertaken by the country hubs include the following:

  • Promotion of AGRIS:
  • Guidance to eligible partners to join the AGRIS Network;
  • Advice to existing and potential organizations on submitting information of the resources (metadata); and
  • Coordination of capacity development activities.

Data providers are organizations that contribute to the content of AGRIS by submitting metadata via email, through the AGRIS institutional dashboard or by exposing metadata through OAI-PMH endpoints. Data providers are encouraged to work closely with country hubs. The list and the map of current data providers can be found in the AGRIS Data Provider Registry. Types of data providers include research centres, academic institutions, publishers, governmental bodies, development programmes, international and national organizations.