How to become a data provider?

Organizations that made available their collection of scientific literature and/or data through digital libraries, repositories, journals and datasets in the areas of FAO’s themes can apply for a registration as a data provider in the AGRIS Network. 

Before filling the registration form, please check the following:

  • If the organization is already registered in the AGRIS Data Provider Registry,
  • Thematic coverage of the organization should be related to at least one of the topic areas of FAO.
  • The application should be made on behalf of the organization. Individual departments or journals cannot apply.
  • Verify whether data from the applying organization is already available in AGRIS through aggregators, such as  the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Scielo or AGRICOLA.
  • The metadata to be submitted should apply the metadata submission requirements
  • Note that AGRIS doesn’t endorse any journal or publisher as a result of inclusion in AGRIS database.

Criteria for inclusion of resources

  • AGRIS doesn’t accept applications from publishers known for predatory publishing practices. 
  • Publishers within the AGRIS Network should continue following best practices. Otherwise, they risk exclusion from the Network and the removal of their data from the database. 
  • Publishers of independent journals must provide proof of concept for the recognition of the publisher at national level e.g. Endorsement by the national research funding bodies, enlisted on the scientific list of journals. 
  • New journals must demonstrate a publishing history of more than two years.


  • The organizations that wish to become a data provider should fill this form with necessary information and submit it. Please note that:
  • The description provided in the form will be displayed publicly as is if and when the application is approved. Please fill this field as accurately as possible. 
  • Any additional information or question can be added in the notes field.  
  • Receipt of the submitted form is confirmed by AGRIS Team within 2 working days. 

Decision timeline

  • Applications are reviewed and applicants are notified in 10 working days unless there are pending enquiries to be resolved.
  • Applicants are informed of the decision following the timeline above via an email from [email protected]

Upon acceptance of the application

  • Public profile for the organization is created and added to the Data Provider Registry.
  • Contact persons are informed about the URL of the organization’s public profile, the AGRIS ID and services available for data providers. 
  • Contact persons provided in the registration form are added to the AGRIS News mailing list.