Institutional Dashboard

Data providers are offered an Institutional Dashboard where they can access front-end and back-end services of AGRIS. In this login-protected institutional space, data providers can:

  • upload and submit metadata by using Automatic Data Upload (ADU);
  • check their upload logs historically in ADU;
  • access institutional usage statistics, including page views and country visits by year;
  • see 15 most-visited records
  • browse and search institutional collections; and
  • filter content by country and data providers.

Data providers can request their login credentials by submitting this online form or writing to the AGRIS helpdesk at [email protected]. To use the Institutional Dashboard, please check the Institutional Dashboard Guide.

Open Data Set (ODS)

AGRIS Open DataSet (ODS) is built to share metadata records with third parties for wider dissemination. It increases visibility of resources and enables reuse of the metadata by allowing people to run machine learning algorithms and use semantic technologies to discover connections between datasets and to derive new knowledge. AGRIS ODS benefits the entire research community and takes steps closer to a world with zero hunger.

ODS is downloadable as a zip file at It is available in different formats, including AP and RDF formats.

ODS is licensed under CC BY 3.0 IGO and available in different formats including AGRIS AP and RDF formats

Data providers are strongly encouraged to opt-in for this service by either filling this form or simply sending an email to [email protected].