Plant Protection Central Research Institute (PPCRI)

The Institute is authorized and responsible for fulfillment of common tasks in accordance with priorities of targets of Ministry’s Strategic Plan and the Master Plan.These are in the following:
· To make studies in the scope of the integrated programs and projects and to provide technical and administrative support all these kinds of projects,
· To conduct researches on issues within the study areas of the identification nutritional value of food and increasing usage opportunities,
· To carry out research on organic farming and good agricultural practices,
· In order to put into practice research results; to collaborate with provincial directorates, public, private sector and civil society organizations, to organize joint programs, to set up demonstrations for farmers' conditions, to contribute to the extansion,
· To organize scientific meetings and training programs; regional, national and international seminars, conferences, symposia, congress workshops etc. in technical level,
· To edit and publish research results in reports which performed by the Institute,
· To cooperate with international organizations, public and private institutions, civil society organizations that active in the areas being in charge in levels on regional, national and international research and development activities; to prepare research projects, , to carry out and to take part in these projects,
· To enhance the Institute's physical, human, financial and project capacity, to ensure the use of information technology,
· To carry out socio-economic researches,
· To do studies on issues that institute is in charged/production of basic agricultural products’ and investment costs,
· To evaluate solutions by investigating the problems that come from application institutions and producers,
· To diagnose harmful organisms in culture plants; to identify their distributions, density and levels of damage; to determine their levels of economic damage control, thresholds; to do resistance researches; to reveal the effects of physiological disorders; to determine the methods of control,
· To conduct researches on integrated management, biological control and prediction-warning,
· To do researches on residue and plant protection products’ risks for the environment and human health,
· To investigate cases of resistance to pesticides of harmful organisms; to study on the side effects of the pesticides on benefical agents,
· To conduct researches on plant protection products and toxicology in order to protect the environment and human health; to serve as the national expertise center in these issues,
· To study on phytopathogenic microbial genetic resources,
· To conduct research on plant protection machinery,
· To conduct researches on collecting, preserving, conservating , inventory ,usage and taxonomy for organisms of fauna and flora throughout the country; to coordinate related activities,
· To develop methods for rapid diagnosis of diseases subjected to quarantine and to prepare pest risk analysis (PRA),
· To determine lists of pesticides national tolerance within the framework of the research results and developments in the world,
· To produce ZİRAY that is used against Mediterranean fruit fly and Olivefly
· To prepare Plant Protection Technical Instructions, Integrated Pest Management Technical Instructions and Standart Pesticide Trial Methods; to participate in the Authorization Commission of Plant Protection Products, to audit biological efficiency trials,
· To identify probable changes that climate change will bring about on plant diseases and pests and develop appropriate adaptation proposals,
· To determine the research priorities throughout the country within the task areas, to be coordinator on integrated projects, to publish at least one peer-reviewed journal,
· To monitor developments related to plant diseases and pests, to observe, to prepare reports and to provide detailed reports of preventive measures in the crises to decision makers.
Other Activities
· To conduct coordination of research, implementation and training projects of Cereal, Potatoes and Apple Integrated Pest Management and to contribute to creation, development and implementation of protection programs by taking place in other integrated pest management projects,
· To investigate the possibilities of the use of prediction-warning systems for culture plants (such as potatoe, pear,walnut,apple,vineyard)
· To study developing new techniques , analysis and test methods in plant protection and to put into practice them,
· To expand the biological control applications,
· To develop biotechnical methods and to promote their use,
· To conduct researches aimed at obtaining export product free from disease and pest
· To determine the strategy of pesticide use according to changing conditions and to evaluate different application techniques to minimize pesticide use,
· To participate in the legislative harmonization efforts in terms of adaptation to the EU Plant Health,
· To prepare survey instructions and diagnostic protocols of pest,
· To take part in the works of International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation (EPPO).