AGRIS Country Hubs and panel discussion: Session 3, AGRIS Virtual Annual Conference 2022

Imma Subirats focuses on a special category of data providers -- AGRIS Country Hubs, their roles and responsibilities and how to become one. Imma describes how AGRIS Country Hubs promote AGRIS before outlining the different ways they could support potential and existing data providers as well as engage in capacity development activities within the AGRIS Network. Imma lists the existing AGRIS Country Hubs and then leaves the floor to two representatives from the AGRIS Country Hubs in Georgia and the Republic of Moldova for an interesting panel discussion. Marina Razmadze, from the country hub in Georgia, and Viorica Lupu, from the hub in the Republic of Moldova, discuss their organizations' experiences as country hubs, in particular the benefits and challenges of becoming and remaining one.