Latest News

  • FAO Launches Spanish Version of AGROVOC Thesaurus

    The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has launched the Spanish version of the AGROVOC Thesaurus, making all terms available to the Spanish-speaking community in their language. This enhancement responds to user needs and promotes using semantic tools, such as AGROVOC, to strengthen linguistic coverage. The AGROVOC Thesaurus now includes more than 41,000 concepts and...

  • New concepts added to AGROVOC. July 2024

    Twenty-six new concepts have been added to the AGROVOC multilingual thesaurus. To consult the list of new or updated labels per language you can visit the FAO CKAN Repository . The AGROVOC Editorial Community thanks those who contributed to this release. New AGROVOC concepts adaptive management aquatic animal foods aquatic foods aquatic value chains biologically sustainable stocks biologically...

  • July 2024: New release of the AGROVOC Thesaurus

    The July 2024 version of the AGROVOC thesaurus has been released. It now contains 41 395 concepts and 1 169 347 terms, in up to 42 languages. AGROVOC thanks all the editors who have contributed to the addition of concepts, terms and other content. Learn more about the AGROVOC editors here .

New AGROVOC Online Course

The AGROVOC Online Course is available on the FAO KnowledgeLab platform. This course is tailored to cater to the needs of both individuals and institutions and is offered entirely free of charge in English. To register, please use this link