Case Studies

AGROVOC Country Reports 

Published on December 2021, these reports provide an introduction to the institutions and the countries they represent as part of the AGROVOC editorial community; their experience in using AGROVOC and the activities undertaken to promote it in the country; and the next steps foreseen for this collaboration in the coming years.

AGROVOC Use cases

The FAO issued in June 2021 a call for use cases about the adoption and use of its AGROVOC multilingual thesaurus. According to the contributions received, some of the most common benefits coming from the use of AGROVOC are: the multilingualism and the availability of labels in multiple languages; the indexing of scientific productions that increases their visibility; and the use of AGROVOC as a reference for the standardization of terms improving data findability.

International organizations from Nepal, Germany, Senegal, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, and Kenya submitted their cases, introduced their institution, explained how they use AGROVOC, highlighting the benefits for their organization and for their work.

The list of the cases received is now available for consultation: