AGROVOC Editorial Guidelines

This guide is a set of editorial recommendations for adding content to AGROVOC, with a strong focus on multilingual aspects. The AGROVOC editorial guidelines include different elements related to AGROVOC editing. After introducing the AGROVOC concept model, specifications and considerations are highlighted as key elements to ensure coherence and consistency during the data entry.

With a shift to distributed management of AGROVOC by working with editors worldwide, clear, concise and agreed guidelines are needed to guarantee consistency and coherence on selection of concepts and terms. For example, it is important to clarify whether to use the singular or plural in each language, how to deal with proper names, scientific names, and geographical names. The guidelines also apply to subvocabularies in AGROVOC. The AGROVOC Editorial Guidelines 2020 are also available in Romanian.

The AGROVOC Editorial Guidelines, Second edition was published in 2022.

The AGROVOC Editorial Guidelines

Additional recommended reading: AGROVOC: Semantic data interoperability on food and agriculture (FAO, 2021)