Do I need to pay something to use AGROVOC? No, you do not need to pay anything. 

Do I need to register to use AGROVOC? No, you do not need to register. 

Can l view or browse hierarchies when viewing AGROVOC online? Please go to AGROVOC online to enter a search term, e.g. development, and click on 'search'. You will get a list of term results that match your search. When you click on one of the concepts, in the left panel the hierarchy of the selected concept will appear and in the right panel all the information regarding the concept. To navigate within the hierarchy, just click on other concepts in the left panel.

I would like to use the AGROVOC Web services for my application. How to proceed? First of all, you need to decide whether the web services are the solution for you. Remember that AGROVOC is also available for download and for access through its SPARQL endpoint. We actually recommend the use of the SPARQL endpoint. If you decide for the web services, and you are reading these FAQ, then you should probably liaise with your IT reference person and study the practical possibility for inclusion of them in your application.