Partnership for agricultural water for Africa

AWM in Africa

With the premise that increased and better knowledge on Agricultural Water Management (AWM) in the continent is the basis for increased investment in AWM, this section aims to become a knowledge hub for AWM in Africa. We want to be the point of reference where AWM professionals, or anyone interested in AWM in the continent, will turn to look for information products. We also want to connect experts that work on AWM in Africa. The section will include the following:

AWM mapping in Africa

To find out about who is doing what regarding AWM in Africa.

The state of AWM in Africa

AgWA’s flagship publication is its biannual report on the state of Agriculture Water Management in Africa. The report includes key statistics on AWM in the continent, tracks progress on CAADP Pillar 1 implementation, presents key findings on AMW research in the continent, a summary on AWM mapping and lessons learnt from partner’s projects/activities implementation.

The African AWM network

A network of AWM professionals .

The African AWM library

We will offer a wide database of papers and technical reports on AWM in Africa.