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FAO-ICAR meeting on surveillance of AMR in human health and animal health sectors

A joint meeting of microbiologists and data management experts from human health and animal health sectors was co–organized by FAO and the Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) at National Institute of Veterinary Epidemiology and Disease Informatics (NIVEDI), Bengaluru, India from 18-19 January, 2017.

Book write-shop to address responsible management of bacterial diseases in aquaculture

A group of aquatic microbiology and aquatic animal health experts from Croatia, India, Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, and the United States of America gathered for a 3-day book write-shop organized by the FAO Aquaculture Branch in Frascati, Italy from 12-14 [...]

Combating antibiotic resistance

Today, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, in collaboration with FAO and WHO are joining their high level commitment to launch the Antibiotic Awareness Week.

Viet Nam: Together and Stronger against antimicrobial resistance

The second National Antibiotics Awareness Week in Viet Nam highlights the continued high level commitment of the government against antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Running under the theme: Together and Stronger against AMR, the campaign brings together various sectors: health, agriculture, industry [...]

Codex begins new work on antimicrobial resistance

The 2016 Codex Alimentarius Commission acknowledged that AMR is a serious public health threat requiring urgent attention by Codex, and that a coordinated approach was needed at the international and national level to combat AMR

Laos joins race against the clock to overcome antimicrobial resistance

Laos and other countries around the world have pledged to take immediate action to combat the spread of antimicrobial resistance. Globally and in the region, the pledge to combat AMR was made with the support and collaboration of FAO, OIE [...]

Fighting Antimicrobial Resistance: Save Lives, Use Antibiotics Prudently

"The imprudent and irrational use of antibiotics – in livestock, fisheries, agriculture and public health sectors contributes to the emergence of antimicrobial resistance. Antibiotics are indeed essential in treating animal diseases, but their misuse and overuse can lead to the [...]

Résistance aux antimicrobiens 101

Selon les estimations, environ 700 000 décès chaque année seraient liés aux infections résistantes aux antimicrobiens. Dans le monde entier, la résistance aux antimicrobiens (RAM) constitue une menace majeure pour la sécurité alimentaire et la sécurité sanitaire des aliments, les [...]

La recherche sur la réduction de la résistance aux antimicrobiens nécessite un bond de géant

Il est de plus en plus évident que les systèmes alimentaires peuvent être des véhicules majeurs de résistance aux antimicrobiens. D’où la nécessité d'une plus grande vigilance quant à l’utilisation des antibiotiques dans les exploitations agricoles.

Countries in Asia-Pacific race against the clock to overcome antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

Representatives from countries in Asia and the Pacific have pledged to take immediate action to combat the spread of antimicrobial resistance. The pledge was made with the support and collaboration of FAO, OIE and WHO.