Устойчивость к противомикробным препаратам

FAO-USAID-GHSP AMR Regional Project in Asia

Title of the project: Technical assistance for animal health systems to minimize the impacts of antimicrobial resistance in Asia (OSRO/RAS/003/USA)

Status: Ongoing

Donor: USA 

Focus Countries: Asian countries 

Period: 1 October 2020—30 September 2024

Contact person (division): Mary Joy Gordoncillo (RAP, ECTAD) 

Objectives: Further enhance coordination and collaboration among AMR multi-sectoral stakeholders, increase institutional and multi-disciplinary AMR and AMU workforce capacity, promote preparedness and response of animal health systems, and increase adoption of good risk reduction practices along the value and supply chain.

Outcomes and outputs: 

  •  Outcome 1: Enhanced coordination and collaboration among multi-sectoral stakeholders 
    • Output 1.1: Multi-sectoral and multi-lateral coordination mechanisms are initiated, operationalized, and/or scaled up.
    • Output 1.2: AMR stakeholder engagement expanded and enhanced for actions.
  • Outcome 2: Enhanced institutional and multi-disciplinary workforce capacity
    • Output 2.1: Multi-disciplinary workforce capacities on behavioural change, AMR surveillance, AMR governance and good practices are strengthened.
  • Outcome 3: Enhanced preparedness and responses of animal health systems
    • Output 3.1: AMR surveillance in the region is expanded, sustained and progressively improved.
    • Output 3.2: AMR data management and utility towards evidence-based interventions is strengthened.
  • Outcome 4: Increased adoption of good risk reduction practices along the value and supply chain
    • Output 4.1: Good farming practices for AMR risk reduction is strengthened, promoted and reinforced 
    • Output 4.2: Antimicrobial stewardship is strategically advocated.

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