Resistencia a los antimicrobianos

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Ensuring responsible and sustainable shrimp production by implementing good aquaculture practices

Globally traded food products can spread antimicrobial-resistant bacteria and antimicrobial residues worldwide. The international seafood trade was worth 150 billion in 2020, with shrimp being the most important species group traded worldwide. To ensure food safety and tackle antimicrobial resistance, [...]

Tackling antimicrobial resistance in livestock: the Impact of good husbandry practices in Indonesia

The misuse and overuse of antimicrobials in livestock can contribute to the rise of resistant microorganisms. This poses a threat not only to human health but also to animal health, animal welfare, and sustainable livestock production. Good husbandry practices, biosecurity, sanitation, [...]

Reducing the need for antimicrobials by improving animal husbandry practices

FAO in Zambia has trained farmers to improve animal husbandry practices and reduce the need for antimicrobials in agrifood systems...

AMR Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Platform - global movement for action against AMR

The AMR Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Platform aims to catalyse a global movement for action against antimicrobial resistance (AMR) by fostering cooperation between a diverse range of stakeholders at all levels across the One Health spectrum. It seeks to ensure a healthier, [...]

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Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is becoming a core political, social and economic problem due to being a critical public health threat. It concerns all walks of life. Consumers, decision makers, farmers, food producers and health professionals are urged to think about [...]
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