Animal Production and Health Commission in Asia and the Pacific

Working together for One Health

Recent health emergencies like: COVID-19, MPOX and Ebola, and common diseases like: avian influenza, rabies and yellow fever, other neglected diseases like rabies, and Vector borne diseases including denge and yellow fever, all illustrate the strong relationship between the health of humans, animals, plants and the environment we share. Around 75% of all emerging infectious human diseases originate in animals. Irresponsible land use and deforestation result in people and domestic animals encroaching into wild areas. This increases the risk of new or re-emerging pathogens spilling over between wildlife, domestic animals and humans. Many other factors can affect the distribution of diseases. The climate crisis has led to unpredictable and extreme weather events like floods, droughts and wildfires, with a huge impact on animal, human and plant populations and the environment itself. Collaboration across sectors and disciplines through a One Health approach is a vital solution for addressing the complex health challenges facing our society. No one organization can do it alone.