Quinoa, an Andean crop that can play a significant role in eradicating hunger

24/07/2013 - 

Quinoa can play a significant role in the eradication of hunger due to its nutritional qualities and agronomical versatility. In this context, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru are in a privileged position to promote quinoa production as well as its nutritional and cultural values.

Nonetheless, quinoa farmers face a challenge since there is a growing demand for quinoa in international markets and that represents a significant economic alternative for settlers in producer areas.

As a result, FAO will implement a project with a set of strategies, plans and activities at sub-regional level to enable countries to respond to this challenge holistically, through sustainable quinoa production intensification and local consumption, both of which contribute to strengthening the domestic food system.

The project, “Technical assistance for sustainable quinoa production intensification and strengthening of the food system in the Andean countries”, operated from the Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (FAO RLC), is a response to the request made by the Ministries of Agriculture of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru.

The project will develop/strengthen technical and institutional capacities for sustainable quinoa production intensification by implementing a specific Information System on Quinoa (including information on production, industry, market, distribution and consumption) and training of staff on sustainable quinoa production through FAO’s ecosystem approach, Sustainable Crop Production Intensification (SCPI) . Institutional frameworks will be reviewed to facilitate and promote sustainable growth and inclusive market development for smallholder farmers.

These strategies will be implemented from July 2013 to June 2015 taking into consideration two intervention scenarios: producer countries (Bolivia and Peru) and countries with production potential (Ecuador, Argentina and Chile) establishing and reinforcing strategic alliances between these key players.

For further information on this project, please contact with Tania Santivañez: Tania.santivanez(at)fao.org

Submitted by: Fiona Bottigliero
Topics: Quinoa