FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

1,000 DIGITAL VILLAGE INITIATIVE – Knowledge sharing and policy dialogue

27/06/2022-27/06/2022 Virtual, Bangkok, Thailand

The FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific is convening a one-day special event to explore innovations and technologies in emerging and existing ‘digital villages’ across the Asia-Pacific region. The event is open to invited participants (via Webinar) and observers (via Live Webcast).  

This high-level event will feature:

  • A Ministerial Roundtable headed by FAO’s Director-General, Dr QU Dongyu, and Government Ministers from the Asia and Pacific region.
  • An Expert Roundtable on successful initiatives and partnerships in enabling inclusive rural and agrifood systems transformation through digitalization
  • Introduction to the Digital Village Initiative Knowledge Exchange Platform

From the biggest city to the smallest village – digitalization is leading the way to a better future!

It wasn’t that long ago that Internet connectivity faded the moment one left a populated area like a big city or town, but thanks 3G, 4G and 5G mobile technology, connectivity is now possible even in the remotest of areas of Asia and the Pacific.

While this expansion of digital technology into rural areas of many countries has made it much easier to stay in touch by phone, surf the Web and connect through social media, more importantly the growth of digitalization has opened a whole new world of possibility – and profitability – even in some of the most remote areas of the Asia-Pacific region.  

For the people of small towns and villages, from farmers to fishers to herders, digital technologies are sweeping across landscapes bringing useful life and livelihood information and innovations to hundreds of millions of people – smallholders and others – who produce, transport and provide the food we eat each day.

Complementary to this event, a “Digital Village Initiative Knowledge Exchange Platform” has been created by the FAO Office for Asia and the Pacific, as a one-stop village square, where those working in the food and agriculture sectors can share their innovations and technologies with all of us.

Working and sharing together, our digital village innovations and technologies can help lead us all to a world of better production, better nutrition, better environment and a better life – leaving no one behind!

You are invited to join us for this highly interesting event.

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You can also follow the discussions on our Webcast and YouTube Channel.

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