FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Expert Meeting on Crop Monitoring for Improved Food Security

17/02/2014-17/02/2014 Vientiane, Lao PDR


The objective of the Expert Meeting is to share and collect best practices and issues in the region relating to current practices in using remote sensing technologies and other similar tools for crop monitoring, area estimation and yield forecasting. The meeting will focus on two themes:  (1) Estimation of land cover, land use and related application of Remote Sensing Technology, (2) Crop yield forecasting and estimation using sampling surveys involving objective measurements.

Concept note


Opening Remarks


Session 1

Dot Sampling Method for Area Estimation

ALIS Program: Development of New Area Survey System Using Area Mesh Frame

Adoption of Agricultural Land Information System (ALIS) for Agricultural Area Estimation

Agriculture with Satellite remote sensing & sensors

A new method to estimate rice crop production and outlook using Earth Observation satellite data

Session 2

CropWatch Introduction and Crop Area Estimation

Pakistan: Satellite Based Crop Monitoring and Forecasting System

Use of Remote Sensing Technology in Crop Monitoring and Assessment of Impact of Natural Disaster

Remote Sensing based Crop Yield Monitoring & Forecasting

Satellite Based Crop Monitoring & Estimation System for Food Security Application in Bangladesh

Session 3

Rice Objective Yield Survey in Japan

Sampling Frame of Square Segment by Points for Rice Area Estimation

Experience of Crop Cutting Experiments in Thailand

Recent Experiences of Sample Crop (rice) Cutting in Bangladesh

The Agricultural Survey Improvement Program

Promote the application of spatial information technology in crop production survey

List of Participants

Proceedings of the Expert Meeting