Christmas in Rome

Leave no one behind

Christmas tree in Rome

The holiday season brings a sense of hope and togetherness. It’s a time to think about our loved ones and the future of our city, a sustainable, inclusive community we must all build together.  At Rome’s Piazza Venezia, parcels displaying the faces of men, women and children at the foot of the Christmas tree represent the interconnectedness of our community. We can only make progress if we do it together. FAO is calling on Rome’s citizens to take action and give the gift of sustainability.  

This Christmas in Rome, we need to unite in solidarity and help build a sustainable city where no one is left behind.



Get involved!

This Christmas, join us as and unite in solidarity as a community, as citizens of Rome, to be part of the change. Explore the Christmas in Rome web App to discover how you can get involved.

Green Cities Initiative
Green Cities

Cities are essential to our economy and well-being, but they consume most of the world’s energy and were not built with sustainability in mind. A sustainable city uses sound planning to satisfy people’s needs such as jobs, health, education, and a vibrant quality of life, while protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions. FAO’s Green Cities initiative helps cities to build sustainable urban food systems, improve links with rural areas, share best practices, and help fight climate change in a number of ways from reducing waste to adding urban forests or green spaces.

What can young people do?

Young people are active citizens of our communities and the change makers of tomorrow. Together we can shape the future of our cities.  Watch this video and learn how you can help build an inclusive sustainable world where no one is left behind. Young minds can also be inspired by FAO’s series of activity books.