Climate change knowledge hub

Discover the youth-focused events taking place from 13-17 November during the Asia Pacific Climate Week (APCW), hosted by the Johor state government in collaboration with the Government of Malaysia.

Explore here the full APCW 2023 interactive programme 

13 Nov.2023

Learning how to Adapt: Stories from Indigenous elders and youth on Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK)

This interactive, storytelling Action Hub event will be designed as a TED-style talk, featuring the rich awareness and wisdom possessed by Indigenous Peoples and sub-sections such as elders and women in particular. 

10:30h - 11:00h MYT/UTC+8

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For our Futures: Youth Voices on Climate Justice and Education 

The climate crisis hits girls hardest, especially in the poorest countries. Thirty youth activists from Nepal, Indonesia, and Australia are joining forces to explore its impact on education. Indonesian activists will deliver a TED-style talk, sharing personal stories of how the climate crisis affects their education.

11:30h - 12:00h MYT/UTC+8

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14 Nov.2023

Empowering Youth for the Implementation of NDC through Sustainable Energy Transition 

This session will engage and empower youth in understanding and advocating for the critical role of youth in implementing the targets of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)...

11:00h - 12:00h MYT/UTC+8

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From Rights to Resilience: Innovative Solutions to Climate Adaptation and Mitigation from the Youth of Asia 

Initiatives like Stand for Her Land in Bangladesh and Indigenous Youth efforts in the Philippines and Kyrgyzstan demonstrate the vital link between land rights and climate resilience, underscoring the transformative role of youth in systemic change...

11:00h - 12:00h MYT/UTC+8

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High-level Opening of the Youth Affiliated Event and Intergenerational Dialogue

This session comprises two important segments: the commencement of youth-affiliated events at the Asia Pacific Climate Week 2023 through a high-level opening, followed by an enriching intergenerational dialogue.

13:00h - 15:00h MYT/UTC+8

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Youth-Driven Resilience: Climate-Resilient Food Systems in Asia-Pacific

An innovative event supported by the World Food Forum Youth Policy Board and FAO. With Asia-Pacific facing climate challenges and food security threats, this event highlights the pivotal role of the region's youth...

15:30h - 16:30h MYT/UTC+8

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Youth Stocktake

This session aims to provide participants with a clear understanding of the Global Stocktake (GST) and Youth Stocktake (YST) processes, highlighting the essential role of youth engagement in these efforts. It's structured into two parts: the first part focuses on education and awareness, and the second part encourages active participation and feedback.

16:00h - 18:00h MYT/UTC+8

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Power of Youth in Climate Action 

Youth, as change agents and innovators, are leveraging education, science, and technology to accelerate climate action. This session focuses on inter-varsity collaboration for a Low Carbon Society, disseminating knowledge, awareness, and best practices among Iskandar Malaysia's community through tertiary education students, aligning with the mission of Iskandar Malaysia Youth Sustainability Network (IMYSN).

16.30h - 17.00h MYT/UTC+8

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15 Nov.2023

Youth AE - Asian Youth's Impact on Global Climate Discourse and Policies 

This session, led by YOUNGO, delves deep into the unparalleled rise of Asian youth engagement in climate movements and their active participation in global climate negotiations, specifically within the UNFCCC processes like COP.

09:00h -11:00h MYT/UTC+8

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Island Youth Voices; We #WantToLiveLonger 

This event will nspotlight youth solidarity for climate action through artivism. Featuring the #WantToLiveLonger campaign, including a song, poem, and interactive activities, we aim to amplify the voices of  East Nusa Tenggara Island, emphasizing the urgency of climate awareness.

11:00h - 11:30h MYT/UTC+8

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Youth AE - Youth4Capacity #1: Empowering Youth in Asia-Pacific to Co-Create Climate Policy Solutions

This session focuses on empowering young individuals with skills and tools to actively contribute to co-creating climate solutions with policymakers, emphasizing understanding and enhancing their abilities within global policy frameworks.

11:00h - 13:00h MYT/UTC+8

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Local Heroes for Change: Malaysian Youth and Climate Action 

This event showcases innovative climate solutions by Malaysian youth, featuring dynamic speakers sharing projects to inspire a community-level youth movement. 

12:30h - 13:00h MYT/UTC+8

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Youth AE - Youth4Networking: Gamifying Systems Change 

Anchored in the concept of systems change not climate change, this collaborative game will engage participants in working together to identify the systems within their daily lives that have contributed to the climate crisis.

14:30h - 15:30h MYT/UTC+8

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Youth AE- Youth4Capacity #2: Engaging youth in green jobs at scale for a just transition 

The session aims to build the capacity of youth to lead a just transition, foster knowledge exchange, share concrete examples of green economy and just transition leaders, programs, policies, and best practices...

16:00h - 18:00h MYT/UTC+8

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16 Nov.2023

Road to COP28: Intersectionality and Inclusivity of Youth in the Climate Advocacy 

The primary aim of this session is to facilitate a comprehensive discourse on the path to COP28, focusing on the vital aspects of intersectionality and inclusivity of youth in climate advocacy...

10:30h -11:30h MYT/UTC+8

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Getting the Young Generation Climate-Ready: Climate Change Education Module For Schools 

This module comprises multi-disciplinary lessons and activities to provide youngsters with necessary knowledge, skills and behaviour on a broad range of climate change topics, including causes and impacts of climate change, mitigation and adaptation...

10:30h - 11:30h MYT/UTC+8

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Youth AE- Youth4Capacity #3: Human Library Workshop: Amplifying community-led climate action in driving change 

The session will take place as a ‘Human Library '' format, which will provide a platform for youth leaders in Asia to share more on their community-led initiatives, complemented with small group discussions...

16:00h - 18:00h MYT/UTC+8

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17 Nov.2023

Sustainable Futures: Engaging and Empowering Youth in Climate Action 

This interactive session will provide governments, youth, and other stakeholders with practical case studies, recommendations, and avenues that enable them to effectively realize empowerment and meaningful youth engagement in climate action...

10:30h - 11:00h MYT/UTC+8

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Cultivating Sustainability: Agroecological Youth Enterprises in Climate Action 

The event will feature youth entrepreneurs, experts, and policymakers who will share their experiences and insights on agroecology's role in climate resilience and the significance of youth-led initiatives. It will be an interactive and dynamic panel, with plenty of opportunity for audience interaction and peer- to -peer learning...

10:30h - 11:30h MYT/UTC+8

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Beneath the Canopy: Voices from the Youth Engagement and Empowerment Hive in Asia for a Gender-Responsive Climate Hope 

This Indigenous youth-led action hub is a platform for Indigenous youth from across Southeast Asia to share their unique perspectives and key recommendations for inclusive and participatory climate change adaptation and landscape governance that resonates with the needs and contexts of Southeast Asian Indigenous youth and communities. 

12:00h - 12:30h MYT/UTC+8

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