Climate change knowledge hub

The CCK-Hub has got you covered with webinars, workshops, and resources tailored just for young - or young at heart- like you! You can learn from experts, connect with others who share your passion, dive into youth-oriented resource collections, and build your knowledge on how to tackle the climate crisis.

Online events 

Youth Engagements: Asia-Pacific Climate Week 

Discover all the youth-focused events taking place from 13-17 November during the Asia Pacific Climate Week (APCW)...

Make your voice heard on the path to COP28

This webinar series focuses on the vital role of youth in addressing global climate change, highlighting youth engagement with the global climate agenda, employing advocacy, partnerships, and knowledge-sharing...

Empowering Youth Engagement in Climate Action

This webinar collection aims to clarify decision-making processes around climate change and agriculture for young people. It aims to empower youth and build their capacity to influence decision-making related to the UNFCCC, COP, and SB58...

Youth-oriented collections

The youth-oriented collection empowers passionate young individuals addressing climate change by providing them with knowledge, tools, and inspiration for climate action. This curated resource collection informs, educates, and amplifies youth voices through thought-provoking articles, case studies, toolkits, methodologies, and research studies contributed by FAO experts and specialists from other UN agencies.
Youth collections
Youth-related work for climate transparency

An array of materials tailored for and/or related to youth who are interested in understanding and getting involved in climate transparency under the Paris Agreement.

Youth collections
Climate advocacy materials for youth

This collection describes the course that global, regional, and national climate action is taking, in order to prepare young people (from 15 to 24 years old) and activists for meaningful and informed participation when advocating and taking action.

Youth collections
Youth-led climate action

Young people are valuable contributors to climate action. This collection portrays examples of how young people contribute to a more sustainable future by functioning as leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and agents of change in agriculture and food systems.