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The development of the Climate-Smart Agriculture Sourcebook - Second Edition 2017 is the first major corporate product of FAO delivered under the new FAO Climate Change Strategy. It was a highly-collaborative effort across various departments and divisions of FAO, and with partner organizations. Many professionals and technical officers played an important role as coordinating lead authors, contributors and reviewers in the preparations of this new edition. The list of authors, contributors and reviewers of this second edition of the Climate-Smart Agriculture Sourcebook can be found under the acknowledgements tab of each module’s navigation menu. 

Conceptualization and production 

The development of this second edition was initiated under FAO’s Strategic Programme 2: Making agriculture, forestry and fisheries more productive and sustainable, through the Major Area of Work on Climate-Smart Agriculture (MAW-CSA). 

The overall supervision was provided by the Director of the Climate and Environment Division of FAO, Martin Frick and several Senior Natural Resources Officers throughout the project cycle; Fred Snijders, Astrid Agostini, Mark Davis and for the finalization and launch, Rima AlAzar. 

The overall Project Coordination was carried out by the core CSA Sourcebook team, Marwan Ladki, Marie Libert and Melanie Pisano, including the coordination of the website’s development and the full finalization of the project process. 


The CSA Sourcebook communication products have been coordinated by the core CSA Sourcebook team. Valuable Corporate Communications support was provided by Denise Martínez and Cinzia Noce. The CSA Sourcebook Booklet was written, coordinated and edited by Alashiya Gordes. 

The graphical work of all module figures and graphics, as well as the design layout of the CSA Sourcebook Booklet and CSA Infographic was designed and implemented by Maria Guardia. 

Editorial and technical 

The Copy Editing of the Sourcebook modules was carried out by Gordon Ramsey. The Copy Editing of Module C.2 was carried out by Brett Shapiro. The Technical Editing and coordination of the module content was conducted by Sandra Corsi. Additional reviewer support was provided by Victoire DeWever and Lisen Rusten.

Web Development 

The digitized implementation of the website platform was overseen by Roberta Nettuno, and carried out by Andrea Caporale and Francesco Costi; and the new PDF button functionality was developed by Massimiliano Fani of the Information Technology Department of the FAO, under the overall supervision of Information Technology Officer Carlos Bravo. 

Funding and Partner support

The second edition of the Climate-Smart Agriculture Sourcebook was funded by FAO’s Strategic Programme 2: Making agriculture, forestry and fisheries more productive and sustainable and with a contribution from the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) through the Project “Building the Basis for implementing the Save and Grow approach – Regional strategies on sustainable and climate resilient intensification of cropping systems (Save&Grow Project)”, implemented by FAO’s Plant Production and Protection Division.