Climate Smart Agriculture Sourcebook

Enhancing capacities for a country-owned transition towards CSA

Enabling Frameworks


Coordinating lead author: Patrick P. Kalas (FAO)

Contributing authors: Almalinda Abubakar (FAO), Konda Chavva (FAO), Alashiya Gordes (FAO), Christian Grovermann (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL), Nick Innes-Taylor (FAO), Johannes Ketelaar (FAO), Elizabeth Laval (FAO), Suzanne Phillips (FAO), and Janie Rioux (GCF)*

Reviewers: Delgermaa Chuluunbaatar (FAO), Allison Loconto (French National Institute for Agricultural Research), Cristina Petracchi (FAO), Monica Petri (FAO), Per Rudebjer (Bioversity International).

Notes: The module is an update of Module 17 Capacity development for Climate-Smart Agriculture in the Climate-Smart Agriculture Sourcebook (2013) written by Claudia Hiepe (FAO) and Patrick Kalas (FAO) with contributions by Mario Acunzo (FAO), Federica Matteoli (FAO), Sibyl Nelson (FAO), Karin Nichterlein (FAO), Marzia Pafumi (FAO), Janie Rioux (FAO) and Vanessa Vertiz (FAO).


* Janie Rioux started her contribution to module C.1 while working for FAO and completed it while working at the Green Climate Fund (GCF).