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The theory of change for CSA: a guide to evidence-based national implementation

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Coordinating lead author: Aslihan Arslan (IFAD)*

Contributing authors: Romina Cavatassi (IFAD), Uwe Grewer (FAO), Ada Ignaciuk (FAO), Hideki Kanamaru (FAO), Misael Kokwe (FAO), Janie Rioux (FAO), Reuben Sessa (FAO).

Reviewers: Astrid Agostini (FAO), Patrick Kalas (FAO), Leslie Lipper (ISPC), Todd Rosenstock (ICRAF/CCAFS).

Notes: New module 

* Aslihan Arslan has drafted the chapter when she was a Natural Resource Economist at the EPIC team of ESA-FAO, and finalized it from IFAD, where she works as a Senior Research Economist since January 2017.