Climate Smart Agriculture Sourcebook

Climate resilience: synergies between Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate-Smart Agriculture

Enabling Frameworks


Coordinating lead authors: Stephan Baas (FAO), Nina Koeksalan (FAO).

Reviewers: Astrid Agostini (FAO), Ada Ignaciuck (FAO), Patrick Kalas (FAO), Niccolo Lombardi (FAO), Monica Petri (FAO), Selvaraju Ramasamy (FAO).

Notes: The module is an update of Module 15 Disaster risk reduction: Strengthening livelihood resilience in the Climate-Smart Agriculture Sourcebook (2013) written by Monica Trujillo (FAO) with contributions from Stephan Baas (FAO) and reviewed by Jim Hancock (FAO) and Kennedy Igbokwe (FAO).