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Turning the tide on deforestation2021 Brochure
Turning the tide on deforestation
Flagship initiatives of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests

This brochure presents flagship initiatives and programmes designed by members of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests to contribute to the common goal formulated by UN Secretary-General António Guterres of “turning the tide on deforestation”.

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Understanding relationships between biodiversity, carbon, forests and people: the key to achieving REDD+ objectives
Global assessment report. 2012

Promoting the sustainable management of all types of forests

Rio+20 and forests
The contribution of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests to Rio+20. 2012

Embracing complexity: Meeting the challenges of international forest governance
Global assessment report. 2011

Making African forests fit for climate change
A regional view of climate change impacts on forests and people, and options for adaptation
Policy brief. 2010

Adaptation of forests and people to climate change
Global assessment report. 2009