Country Leaflet

SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
TCP/SYR/3802 Strengthen extension services capacity and transform it to become market Oriented advisory system. 2021 20230$
SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
UNFA/SYR/026/UND UN partnership project for enhancing food security and livelihoods in North-eastern Area of Syria 2021 20230$
OSRO/SYR/002/IIC Support to small-scale dairy farmers, sheep herders and IDPs in northwest Syria 2021 20220$
OSRO/SYR/100/JPN Emergency distribution of animal feeds to the most vulnerable producers in Syria 2021 20220$
OSRO/SYR/101/BEL Emergency support to Syria Arab Republic against the desert locust 2021 20220$
OSRO/SYR/103/CHA Livestock vaccination campaign for control of epidemics in smallholder dairy animals in NW-Syria 2021 20220$
OSRO/SYR/104/WFP Strengthening agricultural water use efficiency and productivity in Ein AlQusair & Al Houla villages 2021 20220$
OSRO/SYR/105/CHA Urgent support to vulnerable farmers and women headed households to improve their livelihoods and bu 2021 20220$
OSRO/SYR/106/CHA Urgent support for farmers affected by the crisis and the Euphrates reduced water flow in Syria 2021 20220$
OSRO/SYR/108/GER Anticipatory action to protect wheat farmers from below average rainfall projected for second half o 2021 20220$
OSRO/SYR/109/CHA Urgent support for returnee and host farmers affected by the crisis and drought like conditions in Deirez-Zor, Ar-Raqqa, Idleb, Homs, Rural Damascus and As-Sweida to improve their food and nutrition security 2021 20220$
GCP /SYR/023/EC FAO Syria Smallholder Support Programme (SSP) for Agriculture Transformation 2019 20220$
GCP /SYR/027/GER(BMZ) Strengthening smallholder farmers? value chain and access to market in Syria 2021 20220$
UNJP/SYR/028/UNH Increasing the climate change resilience of communities in Eastern Ghouta in Rural Damascus to water scarcity challenges through integrated natural resource management and immediate adaptation interventions 2021 20250$
UNJP/SYR/025/UNJ UN Joint Programme To Strengthen Urban And Rural Resilience And The Conditions For Recovery In Syria 2020 20220$
UNJP/SYR/022/EC UN Joint Programme To Strengthen Urban And Rural Resilience And The Conditions For Recovery In Syria 2019 20220$