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Country Leaflet

SímboloTítuloa partir deaPresupuesto total
TCP/MLW/3903/C1 TCPF: Review of the Malawi Country Programming Framework (CPF) 2020-2023 and formulation of its successor (CPF 2024 ? 2027) 2023 202488,000$
TCP/MLW/3902 Improving capacity for irrigated agriculture in Malawi 2022 2024450,000$
SímboloTítuloa partir deaPresupuesto total
OSRO/MLW/084/JPN Response to the Impacts of Russia Ukraine War on Agriculture in Malawi 2023 2024600,000$
OSRO/MLW/090/USA Global Health Security (GHS) Project - Enhancing animal health and One Health capacities to mitigate zoonotic diseases and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) risks and threats in Malawi 2023 20241,800,000$
GCP /MLW/073/CPR Technical Assistance under the South-South Cooperation (SSC) with the People`s Republic of China in Support of the Agriculture Sector Wide Approach (ASWAp) in Malawi: Phase II 2023 20251,373,537$
GCP /MLW/078/GFF Transforming landscapes and livelihoods: A cross-sector approach to accelerate restoration of Malawi (FSP) 2021 20276,350,459$
GCP /MLW/053/LDF Building climate change resilience in the fisheries sector in Malawi (FSP) 2017 20245,460,001$
GDCP/MLW/077/FLA Land Use Planning And Sustainable Land And Water Management For Improved Agricultural Productivity 2019 20255,000,000$
UNJP/MLW/086/UNJ Empowering Women and Youth in Agriculture in Malawi 2023 20251,372,985$
UNJP/MLW/089/EC Malawi - Enable effective disaster risk management through systems for inter-agency anticipatory action using a multi-hazard, multi-sectoral approach - 2023 2023 2025795,269$
UNJP/MLW/080/UNJ Catalyzing private investment, enterprise, and SDG impact through innovative finance 2021 2024550,000$
UNJP/MLW/081/FPA Action for Teen Mothers and Adolescent Girls in Central Region, Malawi (2020-2024) 2021 20241,027,306$
UNJP/MLW/076/UNJ Promoting Sustainable Partnerships for Empowered Resilience (PROSPER) 2018 20249,098,648$