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SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
TCP/SUD/3902 Support to Community-based Seed Production System in South Kordofan State 2024 2025349,000$
TCP/SUD/3903/C1 Support to Food Security and Healthy Diets in Red Sea State 2024 2025100,000$
TCP/SUD/4001 Emergency response to Desert Locust outbreak in the Sudan 2024 2025500,000$
TCP/SUD/3901 Support for improving crop production and value chain for Mabrooka Community, Sinar State. 2023 2025351,000$
SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
OSRO/SUD/124/IRE Emergency Seed Distribution to Vulnerable Farming Households in White Nile State 2024 2024516,093$
OSRO/SUD/125/IRE Emergency Food Security and Nutrition Support to Vulnerable Refugees and Host Communities in White Nile State 2024 2024516,093$
OSRO/SUD/117/CHA Restore and enhance food and nutrition security of vulnerable communities through reduction of conflicts between farmers and herders over access to natural resources and services in five Darfur states. 2023 2024500,000$
OSRO/SUD/118/CHA Addressing Emergency Agriculture Needs for the most vulnerable farming households affected by the ongoing war in Gezira, River Nile and Northern states in Sudan. 2023 20242,000,000$
OSRO/SUD/119/NOR Protect livestock assets and restore pastoralist livelihoods through providing emergency livestock interventions in Sudan 2023 20242,000,000$
OSRO/SUD/122/SWI Sudan, FAO Emergency Livelihood Response Plan 2023 20242,625,571$
OSRO/SUD/123/CHA Winter season vegetables seeds distribution and restocking with milking goats for the most vulnerable farming and Agro pastoralists households in River Nile and Northern states in the Sudan 2023 20241,000,000$
GCP /SUD/098/NOR FAO Sudan smallholders and agro pastoralist value chain support in the face of climate change 2022 202618,510,726$
GCP /SUD/095/GCR Supporting REDD+ Readiness Preparation and Implementation in Sudan 2022 2025897,992$
GCP /SUD/919/LDF Resilience of Pastoral and Farming Communities to Climate Change in North Darfur (FSP) 2022 20252,429,680$
GCP /SUD/916/GFF Landscape Approach to Riverine Forest Restoration, Biodiversity Conservation and Livelihood Improvement (FSP) 2022 20242,589,727$
GCP /SUD/083/GCF GAMS:Gums for Adaptation and Mitigation in Sudan: Enhancing adaptive capacity of local communities and restoring carbon sink potential of the Gum Arabic belt (Great Green Wall) 2021 20269,975,000$
GCP /SUD/082/GCR Strengthening adaptation planning processes and capacity for implementation of adaptation actions in agricultural and water sectors in Sudan 2020 20241,479,480$
GCP /SUD/085/CPR Technical Assistance under the South-South Cooperation (SSC) with the People?s Republic of China in Support of the Implementation of the National Agriculture Investment Plan (2016-2020) in the Republic of the Sudan 2020 20241,817,383$
UNJP/SUD/096/PBF Strengthening the security- Climate Nexus in Gedaref, Sudan. 2022 20252,000,000$