Country Leaflet

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TCP/JOR/3804/C4 Developing The National Food Security and Nutrition Strategy in Jordan 2021 20220$
TCP/JOR/3805/C5 Enhancing the capacity of the forestry sector to control and manage forest fires in Jordan 2021 20220$
TCP/JOR/3806/C6 Developing an agricultural digital technology transfer tool from scientists to farmers in Jordan in the context of Covid-19 2021 20220$
TCP/JOR/3807 Support the formulation of Sustainable Aquaculture Strategy in Jordan 2021 20220$
TCP/JOR/3808 Emergency technical assistance to mitigate the impact of Foot and Mouth Disease in Jordan 2021 20220$
TCP/JOR/3803/C3 Development of digital technology transfer tools to foster climate and shock resilient agriculture in Jordan in the context of Covid19. 2020 20220$
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