Coordinating Working Party on Fishery Statistics (CWP)

The CWP Handbook of Fishery Statistics

General information

Comprehensive global and regional statistics on capture fisheries and aquaculture require national fishery and aquaculture statistical programs to be coherent and consistent, and based on a common set of statistical standards which apply internationally recognized definitions, classifications and codes. The CWP Handbook of Fishery Statistics was created to serve as the basis for this integration.

The CWP Handbook covers the concepts, definitions, classifications and data exchange protocols – and not least the codes as applied to capture fisheries and aquaculture statistics globally. Many of these concepts and definitions are applied in a wider context, but the user is advised to check the validity of such applications. The Handbook indicates the principles applied by the international agencies and no attempt has been made to include details of national systems, many of which, having been developed for specific national purposes, may differ from those employed internationally.

The intended users of this Handbook are CWP Member Agencies (refer background), national fishery and aquaculture statistics offices, national administrations and other fishery and aquaculture agencies. The Handbook is also intended to assist in the development of national standards as logical extensions of the international standards. Authorities considering introducing or revising national statistical systems are requested to ensure that the system developed incorporates a high degree of compatibility with the international standards described here.