Grupo Coordinador de Trabajo sobre Estadísticas de Pesca (CWP)

General concepts

In the context of CWP, a statistical concept is a representation of a notion or entity based on a unique set of characteristics which defines a statistical measure, dimension or domain, and which has been developed by CWP or recommended by CWP for use.

General statistical concepts which are relevant to both capture fisheries and aquaculture are presented in this section of the Handbook. Other statistical concepts specific to capture fishery statistics, aquaculture statistics or the socio-economic dimension are presented in the relevant sections of the Handbook.

In addition, CWP has developed or recommended various international standard statistical classifications for use in statistics on capture fisheries and aquaculture. Code lists and mappings are also available for use with statistical concepts and classifications. Links to these are provided in the section on tools and resources, and related information may be located using the search tool.