Координационная рабочая группа по статистике рыбного хозяйства

Sharing protocols/practices

The sharing protocols set out the working practices and principles to establish information sharing between data producers and users at national, regional and global levels.

The scope refers here to data and metadata related to statistics. Whereas sharing refers to collection, reporting and dissemination of information.

Rapid rise in the use of technology, incremental capacities of CWP parties to own information systems with the inventive capacity to produce a multiplicity of dissemination formats, all bring fundamental changes to the production and exchange of official statistics.

The use of accurate, timely and reliable statistics is inevitably coupled with the process of following good data sharing practices, including data sharing agreements and FAIR data principles.

The specific purpose for use and sharing information should be defined in a data sharing agreement that is specific to the Partner Organizations exchanging the data.

Inspired by the FAIR data principles, this section of the CWP website provides guidance on:

  • Implementation for CWP standard on reference harmonization
  • Metadata standards - CWP Catalogue
  • GIS standards for geo-referenced fisheries statistics
  • data exchange formats and data transmission issues