Координационная рабочая группа по статистике рыбного хозяйства

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    Начиная с 1960 года КРГ, действующая при поддержке участвующих организаций, является основным международным и межведомственным форумом по согласованию единых определений, классификаций и стандартов в области сбора статистических данных по рыбному хозяйству. Она разрабатывает общие процедуры упорядочения статистических данных, позволяющие упростить процесс их обработки и снизить нагрузку на национальные органы рыбохозяйственной статистики. КРГ предоставляет участвующим организациям технические рекомендации по вопросам статистики рыбного хозяйства и оказывает содействие публикации методических и справочных документов.

Основные моменты

  • The Twenty-Seventh Session of the Coordinating Working Party on Fishery Statistics (CWP-27) met in June 2022 (report) to discuss the CWP Handbook of Fishery Statistics and activities of five Task Groups which are developing statistical concepts and measures for catch and fishing effort, guidelines for the Standard for Reference Harmonization, best practices for streamlining statistical data workflows and data confidentiality issues, and a revised Handbook section on aquaculture. CWP-27 discussed statistical activities in support of Sustainable Development Goals, characterization of small-scale fisheries, emerging needs for international statistical standards, and development of online data reporting platforms for fisheries statistics. CWP 27 agreed new intersessional work which includes geospatial matters including a proposed geo-coding system for water jurisdiction areas, and statistical concepts related to small-scale fisheries.
  • FishStatJ is a Windows and Mac application developed to access FAO's Fishery and Aquaculture Statistics. Through it, data can be extracted and aggregated at various levels of detail and using international standard classifications. An enhanced version of FishStatJ (version 4.03.00) was released in March 2023 together with updated FAO fishery and aquaculture production data (to 2021).

The CWP Handbook of Fishery Statistics

The CWP Handbook documents the core business of CWP including the statistical concepts, classifications, data exchange protocols and codes which are recommended by CWP for use in capture fishery and aquaculture statistics globally. There are also related pages on information sharing practices which outline approaches needed to establish harmonized statistics, and pages on regional references which set out CWP Members’ best practices in implementing CWP recommendations.

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