Domestic Animal Diversity Information System (DAD-IS)


    Do you need detailed information for a specific breed?
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    Breed data sheet

    Consult detailed information on breeds in different countries.

    Image browser

    Search for pictures provided by countries

    Data export - breeds

    Export data as CSV file for further analyses.

    SDG Indicator 2.5.1

    See the number and percentage of local breeds stored within a genebank collection for a selected set of countries and species.

    SDG Indicator 2.5.2

    See the proportion of local breeds, classified as being at risk, not-at risk or of unknown level of risk of extinction for a selected set of countries and species.

    Most recent population records

    See the distribution of most recent population update across the years

    Geographical Distribution

    Visualize the distribution of breeds and species across countries in maps displaying various agro-environmental features

    Transboundary breeds

    Map the presence of transboundary breeds across the world. See their risk status.

    More data tools

    Create various graphics and tables for a selected set of countries and species.

    Bee Data Sheet

    Consult detailed information on bees in different countries. 

    Data export - bees

    Export data as a CSV file for further analysis

    More on bees

    Consult detailed information about bees and learn about trends in colony numbers