Domestic Animal Diversity Information System (DAD-IS)

Dreznica goat

Styrian Hen

Cika cattle

Istrian Pramenka

Krskopolje pig

Carniolian Honeybee

Bela Krajina Pramenka

EFABIS Slovenia

EFABIS SLOVENIA is Slovenian official information system on animal genetic resources. The National Animal Genetic Resources Information System is a part of the global DAD-IS, the Domestic Animal Diversity Information System. It is used to inform on and monitor of local livestock breeds held in Slovenia. The website is available in English and Slovenian language. The Public service for Animal Genetic Resources is responsible for the regular updating of the data.


Breed Diversity in Slovenia

Mammalian and avian livestock breeds are reported to occur either in only a single country (local breeds), in several countries in one region (regional transboundary) or in different regions of the world (international transboundary).

Risk Status in Slovenia for cattle, sheep, goat, pig and chicken

Based on the population size reported by countries it is possible to assess the risk of extinction of domesticated animals.