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Education and services to dairy farmers in Kenya is provided through mobile phones with the iCow system. The service is providing guidance for reproductive management, articicial insemination and linkages to...
A presentation about situation and trends in dairy production on the occasion of World Milk Day 2013
The dairy sector in Afghanistan is thriving. Thousands of small farmers are benefiting from an FAO project funded by Italy that is improving the collection, processing and marketing of their...
Videos on Milk and dairy products, post-harvest losses and food safety in sub-Saharan Africa and the Near East: three-year PFL FAO project helping countries cut losses in dairy sector.
Many of Africa's grazing lands are becoming drier with climate change. Some pastoral communities that have traditionally herded cattle, sheep and goats across these lands are switching to camels....
The rising demand for dairy products within India is giving millions of the country's small-scale dairy farmers opportunities to sell more of their products. Research is helping farmers in...
Central Kenya Dairy, a dairy association in Kenya whose experience describes the set-up of partnerships in order to improve the dairy production quality  
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