Лесное хозяйство в засушливых регионах

На этой странице представлены последние новости в сфере лесного хозяйства в засушливых регионах.

MEV-CAM announces new Toolkit on Participatory Video

28 November 2023
The "Making Every Voice Count for Adaptive Management" (MEV-CAM) Initiative was created in 2020 and alters the way South-South knowledge management is approached by using local and indigenous knowledge to restore degraded drylands with more sustainable practices. By empowering communities and stakeholders to demonstrate their skills, express their challenges, and [...]

WeCan Champion Tayebe Mesbahzadeh: A journey of empowerment in the heart of Iran

24 November 2023
In the arid landscapes of Iran, where the unforgiving sun and effects of climate change are taking their toll on dryland communities, a remarkable woman has been transforming women’s participation in land management. Dr Tayebe Mesbahzadeh, an Associate Professor at the University of Tehran, is leading the battle against desertification [...]

FAO provides insights at CRIC 21 on achieving land degradation neutrality

21 November 2023
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) co-organized a series of side-events on the margins of the Twenty-First session of the Committee for the Review of the Implementation of the Convention (CRIC 21) to the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) that was held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan [...]

FAO-JP GTA training explores gender and climate change in agricultural value chains

16 November 2023
The JP GTA collaborated with FAO’s Gender Team and the WeCaN community of Knowledge Practice for the Sustainable Forest Management Impact Program on Dryland Sustainable Landscapes (DSL-IP) to build the capacity of 20 development practitioners and service providers during a four-day virtual training workshop on gender transformative and climate-resilient dimensions of agricultural [...]

FAO and CIFOR-ICRAF to generate knowledge for accelerating Africa’s Great Green Wall implementation

06 November 2023
Addis Ababa. The European union and FAO renewed their commitment to accelerate support for implementing the Great Green Wall (GGW) through the launch at the African Union of a ‘’Knowledge for Great Green Wall Action (or “K4GGWA”) project during the GGW Week, 6-10 November in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The African Union launched the GGW [...]

South-South cooperation between Iran and China enhances dryland forest rehabilitation

25 October 2023
The Islamic Republic of Iran's National Resource and Watershed Organization (NRWO) has just concluded a dynamic week-long study tour to China, returning with invaluable insights and a fervent commitment to foster South-South knowledge exchange and collaboration in the sphere of forest and grassland rehabilitation.   The tour, supported by the Food and [...]

WeCaN Champion Grace Scorey: From Maasai girl to community champion

13 October 2023
In the heart of Tanzania's Maasai community, Grace Scorey is rewriting the narrative of gender inequality and transforming the lives of women and girls. From a young age, Grace was determined to create a better future for women and girls in her community. This set her on a trailblazing path [...]

WeCaN Champion Hijaba Ykhanbai: We have a lot to learn from women leaders and champions from the global South

28 September 2023
Hijaba Ykhanbai founded his Civil Society Organisation, the Environment and Development Association (JASIL, meaning “green” in the local language), in 2003 with one main goal: to improve land use and green areas in his home country of Mongolia through co-management. In fact, in Mongolia, land management is a crucial issue. Over [...]

First Drylands Summer School ignites global collaboration in combatting dryland challenges

26 September 2023
The inaugural Drylands Summer School, organized by the Committee on Forestry Working Group (COFO WG) in partnership with prestigious institutions worldwide, brought together participants from across the world to address the challenges associated with managing dryland forests and agrosilvopastoral resources. A total of 21 champions from various disciplinary backgrounds came together [...]

Looking for good practices? Look no further than MEV-CAM’s new Knowledge Bank!

20 June 2023
MEV-CAM has launched its long-awaited Knowledge Bank, a database of good practices on sustainable land management and restoration documented by communities taking part in the initiative. The Knowledge Bank is free and available for everyone to access, facilitating the sharing of knowledge between South-South countries and beyond. The database currently contains [...]
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