What Is the Future of ICT4Ag?

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What Is the Future of ICT4Ag?

With the ICTforAg Conference scheduled for June 23rd in Washington, D.C., we got to thinking about the future of AgTech.

A key lesson learned from the first wave of ICT4Ag development, which is now driving a new era, is that it doesn’t matter how brilliantly an app is designed but rather whether the farmer at the bottom of the pyramid will be able to see the value of the tool immediately – not at harvest nine months later.

With that ambitious a goal, it stands to reason that a single technology built by one company can't begin to meet every farmer's needs, which highlights a second theme of ICT4Ag's future growth - bundling. It's getting easier to develop an agriculture technology stack, which includes individual software and hardware that can be made to function collectively.

Below is a selection of blog posts from TaroWorks that touch on some emerging ICT4Ag trends we see and offer thoughts our technology partners on where we're headed.  Hope to see you at the ICTforAg conference tomorrow.

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