Week 2 round up on the introduction to drones learning activity


Week 2 round up on the introduction to drones learning activity

From 16 to 27 October, e-Agriculture Team organized the “introduction to drones in agriculture’ learning activity. This self-learning activity is intended to increase the appreciation of and knowledge on the use of drones in agriculture and rural development to members and followers of the e-Agriculture Community of Practice (CoP).

During the second week of the activity participants reviewed academic literature on drones, including the ongoing research from Catheline Pieters on the monitoring of orchards using drones. The participants also had the opportunity to present their work during a participants panel and  a peer assist was organizedwhich sought to guide participants in sharing their experiences on drones. You can find some of the webinars of week two below. 

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An overview of some of the live and recorded sessions of week 2 
Title and Summary Resource

e-Agriculture Learning Activity on Drones: senseFly and Moser Solutions

SenseFly’s drone solutions simplify the collection and the analysis of geospatial data, allowing professionals in surveying agriculture, engineering and humanitarian aid to make better and faster decisions. On this webinar we had Felix Moser from Moser Solutions. He is a Precision Agriculture Advisor who shared his experience of working in Mozambican orchards with the help of senseFly’s autonomous drone eBee, the  Seqouia camera, and the softwares Pix4D and Global Mapper.  He talked about the challenges encountered in monitoring 200 000 trees on a 1000 ha farm where data is periodically collected to  assess plant health and highlight the best solutions chosen for a successful project execution with tangible results. 

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Recorded presentation by  Giacomo Rambaldi from CTA: Drone Regulations: Challenges and way forward

This presentation was pre-recorded as well as live, with Giacomo Rambaldi from the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA). He talked about regulations, privacy, safety and security and looked in particular into the situation in Africa. He explained what one needs to know about regulations before starting operating a drone and where one can find additional information, specific to the country they are working in. He addressed the challenges regulations bring to introducing drones in agriculture.

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Webinar on the use of drones in humanitarian action with Patrick Meier from iRevolutions/WeRobotics and Haidar Baqir from World Food Programme (WFP)

Patrick and Haidar explored the use of drones in humanitarian context. Haidar Baqir talked about the approach of WFP and present a one-year project to develop the coordinated use of UAVs for disaster response and what this means for the future of humanitarian work. Patrick Meier, who is currently working on different humanitarian drone projects talked about localizing appropriate robotics solutions in developing countries.

Watch the recording

e-Agriculture LA drones WhatsApp Group

In order to cater for a wide number of people, the e-Agriculture Team also created a WhatsApp group for this activity. There were 130 members in the group coming from 48 countries from around the world, who participated actively in the parallel discussion on drones for agriculture. 

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