A WhatsApp like app for the tech-savvy farmer


A WhatsApp like app for the tech-savvy farmer

KrishiSuchak is a WhatsApp-like app developed by Bangalore-based startup Nubesol Technologies to permit smallholders to message agricultural scientist to ask them for advice on their yields, thus eliminating spatial barriers between extension services. Farmers can send their queries either as text, a photo or a record of their voices to the extension officers.

Farmers can now get advice via Krishi Shuchak from agronomists by sending only a picture of the damaged crop. The scientist then responds to the query by identifying the problem and then giving advice on the pests to use in order to avoid the issue in the future.

In addition to crop and pest consulting, the android app’s start feature ‘Remote sensing technology’ (RST) helps farmers identify weak areas in the land and increase the yield. Krishi Shuchak now has more than 100 queries per day from a base of more than 5000 farmers.

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